Are there safe Wiccan Spells to attract Love and Money?

Lay out some basic spells based around Wicca – easy and safe spells beginners can do.

Spell casting need not be a rocket science. It does not demand a blazing bonfire and a bubbling cauldron from which puffs of multi-colored smoke explode. It does not require rolling thunder and piercing lightning bolts. There is also no need for robes flapping dramatically in a conjured gale force wind. And, above all there is no need for ingredients like eye of newt and blood of bat. That we will leave for Snow White’s evil stepmother.

***Anybody can do Magick*** You must have read this a million times. And, yes, it is true. It is the level and the type of spell casting that will differ, depending on whether you are a “beginner” or an “adept”. The term ‘beginner’ is not necessarily reserved for Seekers; it could also be those of you who have had a tough time trying to get your spells to work, even though you have been practicing the Craft for quite a while. No shame in that. Effective spell casting requires Knowledge, Concentration Visualization and Clear Intent. Many people struggle with Concentration and Visualization. It is perfectly normal. So, I am going to provide a couple of really practical spells, which are very simple to perform and that address the two most common issues on most peoples minds (you guessed it – money and love). These two spells have produced good results for those who have used them.

Just a word of caution… Firstly, NEVER take short cuts … You have to cast your circle properly EVERY time. It creates a safe environment for you to work in, it keeps the power you raise within the circle until you are ready to release it and it keeps unwanted energies out. Secondly, NEVER do grey or black Magick once you have gotten the hang of spell casting. It is guaranteed to backfire every time – without fail. So much for the Sermon J.

Spell 1: Bringing an as yet unknown Lover into your life (courtesy Silverfox and Rev. Darkwolf)

When to perform:

Start the spell during waxing moon, on a Friday night. You may choose to work either alone or with another witch.


Herbal mixture

1 handful dried lavender leaves

1 handful dried rose petals

1 vanilla pod

1 tablespoon coriander seeds

2 cinnamon sticks

You will also need a heat source on your altar (in the Circle) strong enough to bring 2 cups of water to the boil.

(Hint: To dry the lavender leaves and the rose petals, pop them into the microwave for a couple of minutes.)


Piece of Paper

Red Pen

1 Pink Candle anointed with Rose Oil

1 Red Candle anointed with Ylang Ylang Oil


1. On the Friday night, after casting the circle, light the Pink Candle and the Red Candle and place it next to the heat source on your altar. See the flames you light as the flames of love (pink) and passion (red).

2. Write all the qualities you seek in a lover on a piece of paper using red ink. Create a mental image of the ideal lover in your mind.

3. Then, holding the image of the ideal lover in your mind, visualize the lover drawing nearer and say the following affirmation three times: “I am good and I attract love into my life.” You can use your own, similar affirmation if you choose to do so. (This affirmation must be repeated three times daily, with intent, for at least 14 days)

4. Next, you charge the herbs by visualizing your ideal lover entering your life. Add the herbs to the water and bring it to the boil while continuing the visualization of your ideal lover entering your life. Quietly chant into the rising steam: “Love is drawn into these rooms; it comes by the power of these blooms.”

5. When the herbs come to a boil, reduce the heat until it simmers slowly. Continue with the chanting and visualization for 15 to 30 minutes.

6. Draw up the Circle and send it off into the astral plane to do your bidding

7. After this extinguish the candles and remove the pot from the heat. When the contents had cooled down, offer the herb and water mixture to a tree – either in your garden or in a park. This can be seen as earthing the spell. Keep the paper in a safe place.

8. Repeat the spell for nine consecutive days. On the ninth day, after your final 15 or 30 minutes of chanting, burn the piece of paper and retain the ashes. When doing your final offering to a tree, blow the ashes of the piece of paper into the air visualizing the wind carrying it to your ideal lover.

Spell 2: The Money Tree Spell (courtesy Pappilon and Rev. Darkwolf)

When to perform:

Do this spell on a Sunday, either when the moon is waxing or full. For extra power choose the time of day when the moon is favorably aspected with Jupiter. (A copy of Llewelyn’s Moon Sign Annual is a great investment for any Witch to make). This spell is very effective if you feel strapped for cash.


1 Black Candle

1 Green Candle

A deep bowl of earth

Water energized by the rays of the full moon

7 Coins (Highest value coins in your particular currency)

Patchouli Incense

All these ingredients should be placed on your altar before casting your circle.


1. During Circle Casting, invite the Goddess of Abundance, Rosemerta, to attend the Circle and ask Her to bless the spell. If you have a different deity which rules abundance, please feel free to invite Him or Her instead.

2. Cleanse and consecrate the coins and the earth.

3. Light the black candle. Whilst doing so, see the flame banishing all negativity.

4. Light the green candle. Whilst doing so, see the flame attracting health and prosperity into your life.

5. Plant the 7 coins in the bowl of earth, one by one, all the while chanting: “As I sow, so shall I reap. My Goddess of Abundance, bring prosperity to me. May I not go hungry and may I share my fortune with those who are less so.” You should repeat the chant at least seven times.

6. Water the coins with the Full Moon Water while visualizing yourself having all that you need to live comfortably.

7. Thank and say farewell to the Goddess and Quarters. Draw up the Circle and send it off into the astral plane to do your bidding.

8. Every evening after that, for seven nights, “reap” one coin.

I wish you every success with casting these spells. Remember the Witch’s Magickal Motto. “To Dare, To Know, To Be Silent”. Do not discuss the Spells with anyone as it will detract from its power. I wish Love, Health and Prosperity unto you. Blessed Be.

Rose Ariadne: Providing “Magickal” answers to your Pagan, Wiccan, Witchcraft spell casting questions since 2006.

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