Can magick cure incurable disease?

My question is very important so I really hope u can help me I am looking for a certain spell that u can do for me or know anybody that u can reconmend that will help me… I am looking for a spell that can cure me of an incurable disease there is no drug out there right now that will get rid or kill this disease or virus thats in my body or system and i have 6 to maybe 10 months to find a way to help myself please help me i hope that any kind of magik will help me in anyway i hope so please…

P.S. It said after i sign up it said somewhere that u will take care of me if i needed it well I do so PLEASE HELP do u do cure incurable diseases or do u know anybody that does or a shaman or something and where can i find a shaman if case u can’t help i am located at Orange County in California

Merry Meet!

My heart goes out to you. From your message I sense that you are very distressed and desperate to try anything to retain the precious gift of life.

My answer to your question may not be what you want to hear though. There is absolutely no Magick Spell on this planet that guarantees the cure of an incurable disease. There are many spells that offer health, wealth and happiness but in all my years of practice as a witch, I have yet to come across one that cures dread diseases.

I am assuming that you were correctly diagnosed by mainstream medicine and that you are seeking alternatives, which could offer you even the faintest glimmer of hope for a cure. There certainly are alternatives:

Reiki / Kurana-Ki: This healing method works on your auric field to identify and remove problems and engages with Angels and Guides. There have been instances where Reiki has cured dread diseases such as cancer. It is very important to go to a qualified and accredited Reiki Master. Always check the credentials.

BodyTalk: This healing method allows your body to self-heal and also engages with Angels and Guides. From what I understand, there has been some success in curing dread disease. Please check their web site for more information. It is You will find the names of registered practitioners in your area on their site.

Homeopathy: This healing method has a holistic appraoch and uses materials found in nature in the minutest concentrations to treat dis-ease.

Please try to see the healer of your choice – as soon as you can.

Wishing you Hope, Recovery and Life.

Blessed Be.

Rose Ariadne: Providing “Magickal” answers to your Pagan, Wiccan, Witchcraft spell casting questions since 2006.

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  1. greg says:

    You should enjoy the time you have left and at the same time not give up. If you have any family or friends don’t forget about them. They are your immortality. The next life is somthing you can’t imagine. Fight and have a good time on your journey to find a cure. As long as you’ve been a good person you have nothing to worry about. Best of luck.

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