Can you cast spells without using an altar?

Hi Rose.
Ok I was wondering if you actually needed to use an altar and/or other magickal tools for most spells to work. The reason I ask this would be because with most spells that I have used and/or created myself I don’t really need anything, sometimes a candle but that is about it. I was wonder why my spells work when I don’t use an altar and/or magickal tools. Could you please tell me why I don’t need to use an altar and/or magickal tools like my books say should be used for each spell.
Thank you.


Hi Scott,

Thanks for the question. Most books on magic are written for beginners who need help finding a way to focus. Some practitioners,especially those who are new, need to focus their energy on objects as a way to complete their magic.

Obviously, you have risen above this stage. Magic is largely about focusing your own will to shape the world around you. If the spells you have written for yourself are working without need of the physical trappings of spellcasting, then you are obviously capable fo focusing your energy without them.

Your spells work because you focus your beliefs into them and believe that they will work. An altar or other magical supplies are only necessary if you believe they are needed. That’s also important for people who cannot use the proper supplies for various reasons: they can’t afford them, they are in a place where they can’t use the candles, etc.  The most improtant thing for the spell to work properly is the belief in the magic.

As long as you are crafting your spells in a manner consistent with your belief structure and believe in the magic you are doing, the formality of the spells in most books is not necessary. The joy of Paganism and Wicca is that they are very much based on personal beliefs. As long as you follow your own beliefs fairly, the spells will work.


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3 Responses to “Can you cast spells without using an altar?”

  1. Sam.Deakin says:

    Hi i would like to know rose by the way thats a lovely name if you could cast a spell to change your apperance because im very slim and would like to be fatter, well quite a bit bigger then what i am now. Is it possible that you can cast spells for anything you desire? ive really wanted answers but seem to get nowhere.

    Yours Hopefullly


  2. Tyler DeSaveur says:

    i’ve tried casting spells but it just won’t work i’ve looked in my book of shadows but it still does not work can u help me please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. ben says:

    I have been interested in what u call spell crafting for quit a while and have have recently stopped the rain 3 time made it rain proven to to my wife that I can do this and showed her that she doesn’t need candles and an alter. Magick is all a power of the mind and that has been proven by science. I just imagine what my goal would feel smell, and sound like. Is this a correct way of doing magick

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