Does He Love Me?

Hi Rose, I think you;re wonderful. I’d like to know if you;re able to cast a spell or do a reading to just check if someone loves me? I love this man dearly but I need to know if he loves me at all before I do anything. He;s been very hurt in the past and will not come to me on his own. I will do whatever it takes, if I know for sure if he loves me. Can you help me cast something? Just to reveal his true feelings and nothing more. If so, do let me know the costs, and what you will need. I thank you with all my heart, Sherin

Hello there my dear, Another of the very common questions that I get is, “Does this person like me?” And well, in general, my advice to people who are looking for quick answers to questions like this is to go and talk to the person. Try a bit of simple communication before resorting to casting spells or performing divination rituals. You’ll be much happier in the long run that you did. Generally there are both verbal and visual cues that people exhibit when they are around someone that they like – and these are even more pronounced when they are around someone that they like in a more romantic sense. All you really do is learn to look for them. One of the easiest “tells” is that people’s eyes tend to slightly dilate when they are looking at something that they like. This is caused by a slight increase in blood pressure – that quickening of the heart effect that we feel when gazing at someone we love. It is sometimes difficult to see at first, but well, if you are spending enough time talking with them, you will no doubt notice it. Some other good indicators include the person in question touching you – whether it is something as simple as a playful poke or feigned punch, or making the excuse to pat your back, or touch your hand, or whatever. Most people do not go out of their way to touch people they do not like. Another good sign is if they are smiling a lot and being generally playful. That is usually a pretty good indication that they are happy when they are around you and it is manifesting itself in their mannerisms. And well, if all else fails, you could always buck up the courage and simply ask them if they are interested… or even ask them out. After all, nothing ventured, nothing gained….

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  1. avi says:

    i want to pass all my sub and get good marks do u have any spell for it

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