Give me spells….

Can you give me 20 spells of the friendship that will attach forver?

Hello there my dear, So if I understand you correctly, you want me to just give you “some” spells… is that what I am reading? Well, to be rather blunt about things, let me respond by saying, “No.” Magic is not a toy and spells are not like baseball cards to be casually traded back and forth without thought or consideration. If that is what you are looking for, I have heard that there is a very popular card game called Magic that might be right up your proverbial alley. I am more than happy to share spells with people, both here on this site and in my personal life, when they come to me with a real desire to learn the craft and a genuine need for the magic that they are seeking to incant. However I see no purpose in just giving out spells willy-nilly to those for whom this is just a curiosity or novelty. For those I would suggest buying a book on stage magic or card tricks or something along those lines… as they will no doubt be much happier with the results they get from such a source. Unfortunately trying to explain to some people that magic is not what they see in the Harry Potter movies often gets to be more than a little frustrating. Magic is an extension of deep spiritual beliefs. It is connecting with the universe on a metaphysical level and thus affecting change in things around us through a link forged therein by the caster’s force of will and their honest desire… put forth in a manner that it shall harm no other.

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  1. Sabrina says:

    Hi rose,

    I’m Sabrina from burbank, ca. I have a situation that I need some help and advise with. Recently my soulmate Mario came back to me, in june of this year. Well sadly to say, we were not together very long only two short months, and then someone else took him away from me. I went to a psychic and this lady told that this woman is very jeolous of me and mario and she did some black magick on him to get him away from me and under her complete control. Now he is under her complete control he wont even talk to or see me. As you can imagine I”m heartbroken. Anyways, not only that, but she is doing things to block my path spiritually, financially and in every way possible. I was told that she did a black magick spell she wrote ona piece of paper everything that she does not want for me to succeed in or have. And she put some graveyard dirt, and a black candle and put these seeds in a box so that they would grow and she buried this in a graveyard. I’m blocked in soo many ways because of this. Can you suggest a protection, Reverse a curse, or anything to do to counteract this? thanks soo much for your time.

  2. clara says:

    hey could you give me spells to find someones name
    as i only have a picture of them on my phone but the
    picture isnt very clear???
    and is there a spell to find out more about
    someone you are interested in??
    bless you

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