How can I make my husband love me even more?

i want a spell that will make my spouse fall in love with me even more because i dont want to lose him and i dont know waht i woould do if i did lose him please help me

Merry Meet. It’s wonderful to know that you have a loving marriage and that you would love to enjoy this love and friendship for a very long time. It is important that you focus on the positive side of things, though. Remember that our thoughts make our future and so every thought of yours has the capacity to change your life. So do not thing in terms of “losing him”, etc, but choose positive words such as “we will be together and in love forever” and so on. First of all, you will have to stand on your own feet; that is, get more confidence in yourself, take up a job, etc so that you don’t consciously think of yourself as someone who may be in a position to lose their spouse. Life has its twists and turns and nothing is guaranteed, so take each day as it arrives and enjoy it to the maximum. As for keeping your love alive, one thing you can do is to give him something that he will keep by himself all the time. You can knit him a scarf or a pair of socks. You could buy him a wallet in which you can keep a passionate love note along with your photograph. You could give him a handkerchief on which you have hand sewn his initials. You could also promise him a memorable weekend by making a potion with spiced wine or spiced cedar and enjoy a romantic candle-lit dinner together. Remember, he is always wearing the ring you gave him. The ring is in the form of a circle and it represents a continuous cycle – a promise to love you FOREVER. So trust him, take care of him and give him the chance to take care of you as well and your marriage will be safe. Brightest Blessings.

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    I love the advice so much. Cant even explain

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