How do I break a containment circle?

how do i break a portal to seal in spirits portal
is a circle with a five point touching blood on each point
and on the circle candles melted on the floor

I think the more important question ehre is why do you want to?

Obviously, whoever was casting the ritual thought that they needed a protective circle and cast using it, so why do you now want to break it?

Generally, this type of spell is done with salt or chalk to make the binding circle, the fact that you say there is blood involved in AT ALL.

If you know what was summoned there, then you know the presence of blood and a five-pointed star makes it unlikely this was a Wiccan or even goodly casting. By telling you how to break it, I have no idea what I would be freeing to harm you or harm someone else and there is absolutely no way that I am going to share that advice.

If you do not know who cast this or what was being summoned, then I suggest you leave it alone. If you do know, I suggest you stop messing with things that you dont understand and that could be very potentially dangerous to your and the world around you.

Still, my general impression from the wording of your question is that youa re either relaying something you saw in a movie or on a television show and that this is not a real question at all. I fyou are really trying to sumon things with blood magic, I suggest you find another site as this is not an appropriate place to look for those things.

Here, we believe and practice the Rede: It Harm None, Do What Thou Wilt. There is nothing about this question that falls within the perview of the Rede. Look elsewhere for an answer to this type of question.

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  1. What I suggest doing is completely erasing the circle and reducing the pentagram by two lines to make it look like an anarchy ‘A’ The containment is not yet broken. You now need to focus and trace a finger across the left side of the ‘A’ then the right side and finally the crossing side. You will need to swivel your finger in a small circle at the end. The end result depends on which side of the containment field you are residing by at completion. No blood is needed to break the containment. Also, is there a secondary circle? I suggest chalking a secondary pentagram + circle elixir to stand in immediately upon completion. Many people take every precaution when going to work, sky diving and in most activities. This isn’t true when it comes to dabbling in free wave manipulation, witch-craft, spiritual stuff. Always be prepared.

    Please note that a pentagram is a protective symbol. The symbol depicted above (The Anarchy ‘A’) is an amplifying character and can also be a very powerful anti-supernatural ward.

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