How do I set up an Altar?

I have set up an outdoor altar with a candle a dish of seashells. a dish with breads on it and a plant with my incense for serenity is this a good start for my altar i am going to make it more eloborate when i go to my local pagan shop and but more stuff.

Greetings. I am so glad to hear that you have set up your altar. Of course it sounds very creative and intuitive. What is comfortable for you is what will work for you. Sea shells are natural materials made by the vast Ocean created by the powerful Element Water. Most of us know the peace that comes into our mind when we sit by a stream, a lake or an Ocean. Candles store Fire energy and can easily brighten our room as well as our soul. The colors of the candle, their aroma and the intensity of the flame can send us into meditative state. A plant is an amazing addition to the altar. Just remember to water it and also allow enough sunlight to reach it. Since your altar in outdoors, you will have an easy time maintaing this plant and the plant will thank you for making it so happy in its natural surroundings. A dish with breads on it is a good idea too. I hope you have already sat down by your beautful altar and meditated. You are very fortunate to have this beautiful place to yourself. Natural, serene, surroundings induce us to reach higher states of consciousness easily. You probably don’ t need anything else for your altar, but if you see anything that “touches your soul” and communicates with you, you can add it to your altar. I am glad that you took the time to set up this perfect outdoor altar. Now is the time to learn how to meditate and go into your inner sacred space. As you get better at reaching your sacred space, you can easily push forth your intentions into the Universe to make your dreams come true. Brightest Blessings.

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  1. merc says:

    That sounds like a great altar to me too. I have St Michael at the head of my altar, he is my angel, then i have sea salt wich i added to water and keep salt water there on top of the cup is 3 starfish and a seahorse, then on the left is my incense and then my small cauldron w/ sage burning, candle in the middle of everything.. i have a wand but now is my question, what is the purpose of my wand??what do i do with it?? one more question i have an athame, same question i never used either.. i mainly do protection spells, or bindings.. i don’t have a cup either. What are these items used for and how do i use them?? oh also i keep feathers and leaves and such from outside each season i pick something to be at the head of the altar.. thanks, love merc

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