Knowing spells by heart and more….

Hello Rose, I would just like to say first that I love your website. I would also like to comment that I have been reading alot of the questions people ask and some of them are shall I just say different. But nevertheless, you are helping them with their issues and would love to get to that point and I loved your seven day mini course. I am still saving to buy your dvd. Anyway—- My question is actually several: When doing spells I prefer to know the spell I am doing by heart which takes a lot of time to remember. (especially the long ones) What can I do? I lose focus from the spell if I have to read from a book or paper. How do you deal with a lying spirit when you use a pendulum? Can spirits make love to you? (tell me I am not crazy on this one) blessed be

Hello there dear, Thank you for all the kind words… they are very appreciated…. As to your questions, let me see about taking them point by point if I can…. First, how can you get to the point where you know a spell by heart and do not have to refer to a book or paper? Well, I would like to say that there is some easy trick to this, but unfortunately there really is not. Much like an actor memorizing their lines for a play, the only real way I have found to do this is through repetition and rote memorization techniques. Generally I have found that it is easiest to make note cards of the spell and begin by referring to them as I go along. And well, the first several times through a new spell or ritual I will often just mouth the words and go through the rough process without actually attempting to invoke any power – just to familiarize myself with the steps and the process. Moving on, what would I do if I was dealing with a lying spirit when using a pendulum. Well, while that is somewhat rare, it doe in fact happen from time to time. And when it does, I will generally talk to the spirit a bit and see if I can find out why it is being less than honest. If that fails, then I will ask the spirit to leave and try again in another location with another spirit. And finally, can spirits make love to you? Well, the only honest answer is not that I have seen. But that does not mean that it is impossible – simply that I have not encountered this happening. But then, some people are far more sensitive to the spirit world than others. I hope this has helped…. Blessed be.

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  1. Amber says:

    Hi I am new to magik and wiccan and all.I read your questions and you seemed to have some knowledge of Magik so I would like to ask you a question.Is there a book that you get spells out of or do you make them up??I am taking the 7 day course and so far I love it.Well please answer my question.Thank you

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