Why do I get tired after I work on a spell?

Dear Rose, I see that you always try to answer any questions on magick the best you can,even if the question does not make any sense. My question is:Why do I seem to become very tired shortly after I cast a spell and how can I prevent this(if I should)?What causes this?This has been happening to me recently and I think it is a good sign because I did not become tired in the begining of my practice in magick. Thank you for taking time to read.

Merry Meet Seeker, It is wonderful to hear from a caring person like you. It is unfortunate that you lose energy shortly after you work a spell. It may be due to the fact that you are using a lot of energy that is within you to make the spell a success. However, there are many things you can do to make your body and mind more powerful that you will be able to replenish the lost energy quickly. We are part of a great and powerful Universe. Every entity in the Universe is ready to help you at any time. When we work on spells, it is wise and wonderful to actually request and use the energies from the Elements, the spirits and the deities who come to us in an instant. Our spirts have immense effect on the energy of the Universe. Our wishes are their command. Before every spell, ask the Divine forces, teachers and guides to assist you in this spell working. Inhale deeply three times and exhale forcefully visualizing the unhelpful thoughts, stresses and other negative emotions flowing out of the body. Imagine a cord of energy going from your solar plexus to the root of the Earth’s core. You are connected to this immense energy generator that supplies you with unlimited energy for your spell working. Mother Earth is here for your assistance. Think of all this abundant energy in the shape of a ball surrounding you. There is so much energy “raised” that you don’t have to expend any of yours. In fact, when the spell is done, you will feel calm and at peace. Remember to thank all the entities who helped you work the spell. Be aware that the energy of the Universe is always available to you. Brightest Blessings. Rose.

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  1. Witchy Fran says:

    I does seem to be progress in that you are starting to tap into something within yourself. Maybe you are still feeling conficted in some way and this is leading to you using more energy than you need to. I’m sure as you get used to your powers and skills you will be drained less by your spell work and more able to enjoy it :)

  2. Peaches says:

    The reason you feel drained is because witchcraft is a very negative practice that works against the truth of life. All of these “spirits, elements, guides, and forces” that “help” you are really demons from the pit of hell, who are more than willing to answer your request to help trap your soul for eternity with them. This imagined “umbilicus from your solar plexus to the center of the earth” is trying to tie you in bondage to the depths of hell.

    There is a spiritual battle going on and I pray in Jesus’ name that you will open a Bible and see the truth. Read the red words in the Gospel for starters. Repent of your witchraft, God is loving and merciful, if you turn back toward Him. If you continue to follow this error, you will only be cursed, in this life and the next, by the powers of darkness. Do not believe the lie that this will help you! Learn about receiveing the true spiritual power of the Holy Ghost to live free of sin’s bondage and walk in life, eternal life, because this life is fleeting. It is gone, and eternity is after. Eternity in heaven or hell. The truth is simple. Do not sell out this cheap. God Bless.

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