How can I talk to a dead person?

I keep thinking about eight friends that have died. How can I contact them? I need to speak to one in particular–I think of this one person all the time. I can’t stop it.

It is indeed very unfortunate that eight of your friends have died. Sometimes the spirits will come to you if you just call them by name. You can talk to them as though they are here with you and they may respond. At other times, you can use summoning spells to bring these spirits to you. You may need to be careful when summoning spiritis because many others whom you may not recognize or know can also come into your vicinity. Some traditions believe that its safer to contact a “gatekeeper spirit” who will then summon the exact spirit you want. Petition the gate guardian spirit to only allow benevolent or kind spirits through and to bar the gate to malicious spirits. Gate guardians include Elegba, Exu, Hecate, Hermes, Maria Padilha, etc. Perfumes sometimes invite dead spirits. If you know the favorite spirit of your friend, you can buy it and spray it around the room. To create an environment which summons spirits while enhancing your psychic powers, blend frankincense, lavendar, mastic and orris root. Burn it as an incense and allow the aroma to permeate a room in which you sit. Meditate and you will be able to apprehend and communicate with the spirits you call for. To increase the attraction, also place gardenias, lilies, mimosa and jasmin flowers in the area. Burn benzoin and Copal in addition to the above incense for additional power. Hope this helps. Brightest Blessings.

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  1. Laura says:

    Dear Rose,I lost in a bank over $54,000.00.Tha bank closed my account and sent me papers telling,that checque is attached.I didn’t get any checque.That was my private Lapp pension.So,I lost the $54,000.00 + and the government thinks that I got the money and want to tax it.It is so sad and I don’t even know how to call it.I want my money back and I hold the bank responsible for it.My question is:how can I get my money back and grt my record strait?

  2. Wanda says:

    Dear Rose,
    This is a toughie. My brother has anger issues. He gets frustrated with his mother easily and can barely breathe without him criticizing her. He is easier with his son and wife. He blames our parents for his lousy upbringing. Our father is dead, so she gets it all. Our mother feels so guilty she just takes it, even though she knows he would not have the materially successful life he has had without her. I feel they are both nuts for going through the stress of working together and continuing this pattern but I stay out of their relationship. She thinks about quitting everytime and knows she never will until she dies.


  3. Fergie00 says:

    how do you go about to summon this GATE KEEPER person?

  4. Bob says:


    I am not a psychic, but I am a witch, and I can tell you that before you attempt to contact any spirit you need to cast a circle of protection around you that will keep negative energy or spirits from joining you. There are many ways to cast a circle of protection, the best thing is to just google “casting a circle” find one that suits you. Calling upon any spirit is no joke, doing so without a circle of protecting is only inviting trouble.

    I have never contacted the dead, but have thought about it, and that is how I got here. Best wishes to you.

    Blessed Be!

  5. gypsy star says:

    i want to contact my dead friend. what can i do?i feel like he is trying to contact me.

  6. william says:

    well hey, im only 18iyears old and when i was young i did see death people and i kind have some powers and energy that means that im a witch or something do i have to worry about it are do something?

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