3 Guarenteed Love Spells

Love spells, just like any other spells can be guaranteed only if the person who is working on it can raise enough energy to direct it into the Universe. Although everyone in this world (and other worlds) has powers beyond their knowledge, not everyone can cast spells and get a 100% success. However, with practice and lots of patience, everyone will be able to see the rainbow.
Here are some simple spells that will enable you to easily visualize your goal and make your dreams come true:

1. Binding Doll Spell

Voodoo dolls are wonderful ways of attracting love into our life. However, the violent conquerors of beautiful lands like Africa, India, and other beautiful lands, due to the ignorance or stupidity, assumed that all voodoo dolls are negative and harmful. To the contrary, Voodoo dolls like most of the ways in which we live have positive and negative connotations. Our heart and spirit may be called evil or loving depending on how we behave and love others.

The use of dolls in magickal spells is very ancient and practiced throughout the world. te pins The pins used on dolls are not merely instruments that cause bodily injury. In fact, it is there to stimulate pangs of desire or love on the one you love.

Similarly, we can make use of Witchcraft as a weapon of Love or a weapon of destruction. The smart ones know that using Love will reap rewards for us throughout life and abusing others in any way leads to a miserable life.

So let us use this doll to find love and fill our heart with indescribable joy. This spell is planned in such a way that should you change your mind, it is easy to end the romance.

For this spell, you will need the following items:

Two dolls created from cotton cloth, dried love-herbs such as chamomile, cardamom, coriander, jasmine, iris, lavender, hyacinth, gardenia, grains of paradise, mint, lovage, hibiscus, poppy, rose, rosemary, vervain, thyme, etc. Also needed are aromatic romantic oils such as jasmine, sandalwood, lavender, etc. along with beads and thread.

Step 1: Prepare a pair of dolls one to represent each partner.

Step 2: Now stuff the dolls with the dried herbs.

Step 3: Smear the dolls with the aromatic oils

Step 4: Dress the dolls and decorate them as well as you can. The more love you put into this, the more successful your spell will be.

Step 5: With a large cord, tie the two dolls together, face to face so that they will be together in life too.

Step 6: Now safely wrap them in the large piece of fabric to keep them safe and for the romance to thrive.

Step 7: If you decide you go different ways, just untie the thread and bury the rest of the stuff under Earth.

2. Birthday Candles Grapefruit Spell

This spell will bring you closer to the one you love. For this spell, you will need a pink or red grapefruit, a dish or large saucer, cayenne pepper powder, grains of paradise, sugar, sea salt, a piece of paper, a pen, one strawberry or cherry and nine yellow candles .

Step 1: Cut the grapefruit in half horizontally.

Step 2: Place one half on a saucer or dish

Step 3: Sprinkle sugar, sea salt, grains of paradise and cayenne pepper over the grapefruit.

Step 4: Write the name of the person you love on a slip of paper and place it in the center of the grapefruit.

Step 5: Now top it with a cherry or strawberry fruit.

Step 6: Now place nine candles over the grapefruit similar to birthday candles.

Step 7: Light the candles and sit down near it visualizing your goal.

3. Vetiver Attraction Spell

Vetiver is believed to attract men.
A simple yet effective spell is to wear a cotton ball soaked in vetiver in your bra or pocket to attract a man.

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