5 free dark magic spells

Dark magic or black magic is the most ancient type of witchcraft that is believed to have originated in Africa. In those times, bodily fluids used to be part of the rituals because people believed that our body or the body of animals was a powerful aide to the success of spells.

Remember all magic that hurts another is “BAD magic”.

Here are some spells that use animal parts or bodily fluids in surprisingly wonderful ways:

Wishbone Love Spell

Gather the following for this spell:

1 wishbone
Red charm bag
Adam and Eve root
Love drawing powder

Get a wishbone and clean it well. When it is dry, dip it into glue and then in gold or red glitter. Comb your hair and gather some of the fallen hair into a braid. Tie this braid to your wishbone. Now place the wishbone in the red charm bag. Also add the Adam and Eve root to the bag. Now sprinkle everything in the bag with a love drawing powder.

Carry this bag with you at all times to attract love into your life.

Be a Lover spell

This spell will turn a simple relationship into something more serious on route to marriage. You will need the following items:

Unlaundered bedsheet stained with sexual fluids
Love herbs such as roses, rosemary, heartsease, vervain or orrisroot
Scarlet ribbons
Black velvet

Using the bedsheet, cut out four small doll shaped pieces. Using a needle and thread, make two poppets to represent the two of you. Write your names on the poppets.

Now fill each poppet with the love herbs and bind the dolls together with the scarlet ribbons. Make sure that the dolls face each other belly to belly.

Now wrap the dolls in the black velvet cloth. Place this little package under the mattress on the side on which your lover sleeps.

Go Fetch Spell
This is an ancient Japanese spell in which we create a dog to perform our wishes and commands. Here, a paper becomes the medium of magical rituals similar to using wax or clay.

You will need two pieces of natural paper for this spell. Visualize your goals deeply and twist the paper into two ribbons and then shape it or manipulate the paper into the shape of a dog with a head and four legs. It would be amazingly easy to do this if you have learned the Japanese art of Origami.

Now take a small needle and stick it into the dog’s upper left leg/thigh.

Holding the dog, talk to it and promise to feed it what it loves (mention what the gift would be – examples are honey, wine, a bone, etc) when your wish is fulfilled. Also promise that you will also remove the needle at that time.

Place the dog on a shelf where it will not be disturbed. When your wish comes true, don’t forget to offer the dog what you have promised.

Chicken Heart Spell
This spell will inspire passion in your life. It is also believed to instill docility in your partner.

For this spell, you have to get a chicken heart. Bake, roast or broil the chicken to make it succulent and delicious (boiling may make it rubbery instead). After the chicken is cooked, allow it to dry very well. Grind the meat into fine powder. Grind some coriander seeds and add to this powder.

Now you have powerful passion powder. Add this powder to your partner’s meals to restore your passion and allow your relationship to blossom even more.

Emergency Sesame Seed Spell

This spell may not be used frequently to get money or it may not work. Cast it only in an emergency.

Everyday put a pinch of sesame seeds in a jar. Keep adding up the sesame seeds until you need some money for an emergency. Now remove a pinch of seeds with your left hand. Spit hard on these seeds while visualizing your emergency being removed and being replaced by joy and prosperity. Immediately toss them onto the Earth.

You will get a cash infusion very soon.

Rose Ariadne: Providing “Magickal” answers to your Pagan, Wiccan, Witchcraft spell casting questions since 2006.

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