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Rose, Please help me out asap! I need to know if there is a spell that I can cast to have a judge grant me leniency on a 20 day jail sentence.I know this is a strange request but I desperately need to be home with my child. I committed no crime and was railroaded into taking a plea or go to prison!!! I guess every criminal must say they are innocent…but without taking up all your time telling you the details of what is the hardest time of my life, please believe me. I would do the time if I was guilty. I would even handle doing it if I thought both my daughter and business would be taken care while I was away. I have sentencing on July 18th so I am panicked and a nervous wreck. I am willing to do anything they ask other than be away from my child for so long! There is no one else to care for her. I fear losing her to the state or ???? Please, I am at a loss as to how to change the gloomy outlook of the situation. If there is a will there is a way, right? I need the guidance to see what way I need to direct my will then. Thank you for your time and any help you can offer. Please tell me if there is any way I can return the kindness. You are greatly appreciated. yours truly, cheri

Merry Meet Cheri,
I can understand how upset you are regarding this court case. Yes, as usual, it is the innocent that can easily go to jail. Since you have a child, it is indeed important that you do not get jail time.
Here is a simple spell for you:
Red Pepper Court Case spell
This spell will encourage reconciliation. It will also enable the parties to see each other as friends and encourages empathy among the parties.
For this spell, you will need a red bell pepper , pieces of paper and a pen, dillweed and coriander seeds.
Step 1: Cut the red pepper into two halves.
Step 2: Remove the seeds and set aside.
Step 3: Write the names of all the parties in small slips of paper.
Step 4: Put them inside the pepper.
Step 5: Add the dill weed and coriander seeds to the pepper.
Step 6: Put the halves of the pepper together. Seal it shut
Step 7: Now place it in the freezer.
Step 8: Keep it there until the final resolution to set you free.
Brightest Blessings

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