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I am an engineering student very much interested in witchcraft and tarot. But being from india where such practices are still viewed as taboo and tolerated at best with skepticism,i am really at my wits end as where to go to in order to get my problem solved. I am very much in love with a guy who is now my fiance. I went through a lot of tough times to see this happy day and during this journey I have realized that magical energy does exist as my sheer will power has circumvented a lot of problems for me in my quest to make this guy my life partner. But a few months ago my parents took me to a tarot card reader and she merrily told me that my marriage with my fiance will most likely not take place and if it does,divorce is imminent. Please help me out with a simple spell to ensure a happy life with him. I truly love him a lot and I never approach these internet witchcraft priestesses as they seem interested in doing only business. You don’t seem so. Thanks a lot.

Merry Meet Seeker, It is fortunate that you have found the love of your life and is ready to get married. Do not worry about the tarot card reader or any of the naysayers. Our own willpower is much more powerful than any other’s. Find out why your parents took you to the tarot reader. Maybe they want you to re-think your choice. However, if you are deeply in love with each other, no one can stand in your way. One of the ways by which you can avoid discord after marriage is to stay away in another city so that family won’t interfere in your married life. If they need help, always send money or whatever they need. However, stand firm on the fact that you and your future husband and now together and you are planning to stick together. It is your will power and that of your fiance’s that will ultimately decide the future of your marriage. Here is a spell you need to do to stay together for life: Love Needle Spell For this spell, you will need two needles. You may choose any type of needles, small one, large ones, etc. The first step is to charge them with your powers by holding them safely in your hands and visualizing your future together. Sit by the alter saying your mantras and go into deep meditation. Name one of the needles as you and the other as your partner. Now insert the point of the male needle inot the eye of the female needle. Place the in an envelope or something that can safely kept in a special place for a very long time. This is your love charm and so long as no one disturbs it, your love will be safe. Brightest Blessings. Rose.

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