A Hex Breaker Spells

I have been hex and black magig spell cast over me so i can not earn money in my job just bad luck all the time can you help me please Kind regards Esmarie

Merry Meet Esmarie,
It is indeed unfortunate that you have been hexed and cannot earn money in your job. Here is a spell that will help get rid of the hex. Make sure that you do not make any enemies in the future. If we learn to forgive and forget, our life will be much easier,
Hex-breaker Spell
For this spell, you will need the following items:
21 limes
brown paper or large leaves
Step 1: Place the limes on a glass bowl and pray over them, mentioning the reason for this spell and thanking them for helping you get rid of the hex.
Step 2: Charge the limes with the purpose of removing the hex that was put on you.
Step 3: Fumigate the limes with benzoin and frankincense
Step 4: Allow the person to stand on the brown paper in a bath tub.
Step 5. Squeeze the juices from the limes into a bowl
Step 6. bathe the person from head to toe with the juice and use the lime peels
Step 7: Place the squeezed out lime pieces on to the brown paper
Step 8: After the bathing is over, let the person get out of the tub and dry off
Step 9: Wrap up the limes in the brown paper
Step 10: Throw the limes in the sea or sprinkle them with salt and throw them far away from home, making sure that you don’t return via the same route.
Brightest Blessings

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