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hi rose i am 15 and still living with my parents my mum and dad a perfectly fine with me doing witchcraft i think out of all the witchcraft sites ive been on your the best i seem to really trust your words, but im really upset about somthing i could not wait to get my hands on your home academy kit but i just cant afford it that has really upset me could you help me please do your best blessed be, and keep safe from niall

Hello there my dear, As you may have noticed, there is an entire section here where you can ask questions and I will answer them… completely free of charge. Of course, there are a LOT of people who ask me questions… and I only have so many hours in the day… so it often takes me quite a long time to get around to answering them (often a year or more in lag time at this point)…. And well, this is something I do in my extra time… around my family and friends and work and all the other pulls on my already incredibly overstretched time…. So, when someone e-mails me and wants to jump the line and get their answer asap and wants me to take time away from my other responsibilities… well, it seems only fair to charge them at that point…. First off, it is a way to make certain that the person is serious about their need… not just pushy and in a hurry. You would be surprised how many life and death situations suddenly do not seem quite so urgent when the person contacting me suddenly finds out that they are going to have to cough up fifty dollars in order to get the expedited answer that they just absolutely had to have…. So, there you have it. There is still the free message boards… and I really do get to them as quickly as I can…. Blesses be….

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