A Love Binding spell

hello rose! can you teach me a love binding spell ? i truly need it please help me!

Binding spells bind another person to you through eternity and beyond. When we fall in love, we may think that this is the only time we feel so strongly about another. Ask anyone who has lived half a century or more and they can tell you how many times we fall in love, deeply. An average person has five more more soulmates in this realm alone. So if you love someone and think that this is your last chance, think again. If a binding spell is worked as a desperate attempt to destroy a relationship to salvage another, then they are nothing but evil and rarely work out for either party. Remember the three fold law that brings back many times the pain that you inflict on others. So be very very careful before considering any binding spells. Here is an Apple binding spell. You will require the following: 1 apple, honey, lock from your head and from your lover’s head, red silk ribbon Cut the apple in two horizontally so that the star in the middle is revealed. Spread the open halves with honey. Braid the two locks from the lovers and place of top of one half. Cover with the other half with the braid sandwiched between. Bind the two halves together and tie with the red ribbon. Make several knots, chanting: Let us grow old together in happiness and health. Find a nice romantic spot below a flowering rose tree or any other flowering tree and bury the apple under it. You are bound together for life. Hope this helps. Brightest Blessings.

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    But what if you dont have your lover’s hair because it’s a long-distance relationship?

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