A money spell

Money spell

Merry Meet Seeker, Here is the money spell that you have requested. The biggest rule about prosperity is that you will be as blessed as you have blessed others. Money flows. If it gets stagnant (like when we hoard it) then the flow of money into your life also stops. Step 1 – To make money drawing incense, blend one part of benzoin powder to two parts of ground cinnamon. Light some charcoal and allow the incense to waft through the entire home. Step 2 -Take a bottle or glass jar and empower it by passing it through the money drawing incense. Sprinkle magnetic sand or money-drawing powder (from step 1) into the bottle. Step 3 – Add a minimum of one small coin each day to the jar. It can be a penny or a dime. Do not remove any of the coins for any reason or the spell will be broken. Do not take any out even to make change. Step 4 – When the jar is full, remove ONE coin from the contents and seal the rest of the bottle. Step 5 – Begin a new bottle from Step 2 adding the one coin that was removed from the previous bottle. Step 6. Give the money in the first bottle to charity. Repeat as necessary. So long as you give the jar of coins to peole who need it, there will be no lack of funds in your home.

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