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hi rose, i’m leonard. I’m from indonesia. Can you help me with your spell to make money come to me. I so despert with my job. This my birth date 25 july 1978. I rellay need your help. Please help me

Greetings Leonard, To allow money to come into your life, you have to imagine that your luck is changing. As you start to let go of your worries and start to change the direction of your destiny, you will see that you are attracting more money than ever! To encourage prosperity to come knocking at your doorstep, try the following spell. Gather the following: 1 Green candle 1 dull knife to carve on the candle 2 Tablespoons powdered basil leaves or mint leaves 1 small magnet 1 Tablespoon vegetable oil On a new moon day, gather all of the items listed above. Take a nice, long bath in warm water with aromatic herbal soaps. Let all the negativity and worries in your life be washed away in the water. Sit at your private altar (or in a room where you will not be disturbed) and read a page from any spiritual book to cleanse and uplift your mental energies. Take the dull knife and write your name on it. Also carve the amount of money you want. Do not expect to win the lottery overnight, but imagine yourself getting a fairly decent sum of money that will tide you over until you get another job or find another income. Place the magnet in oil for some time. Take the oil and slowly rub in on the candle while saying these words: Money comes and money grows To me it comes and remove my woes This is my will, so mote it be. Now roll the anointed candle in the herbs and light it. Sit with closed eyes visualizing the mint/basil herb sending out messages into the Universe that you are in need of money and that this needs has to be fulfilled ASAP. Hope this is what you were looking for. Brightest Blessings!

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  1. amit arora says:

    i am very depressed in my life i had lost my love life and as well as all my money please help me to get rid of this situation

  2. FRANK BONSU says:

    hi ROSE, i’m FRANK BONSU. I’m from GHANA. Can you help me with your spell to make money come to me. I so despert with my job. This my birth date 03RD JUNE 1986. I rellay need your help. Please help me

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