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I am always interested in your money spells, but I am seeking one of your prosperity spells involving dark rum and rice…

Celtic Wicca is a peaceful form of religion that endorses Oneness with the Universe. This form of Wicca has spread all around the world. Currently it is also an established and fast growing religion in the USA. Most of the Celtic practitioners draw a circle around them for protection before they work on spells and rituals. This circle may also be drawn around the people who need healing such as: a sick person laying on a bed, a woman ready to give birth or sleeping children who need protection. Here are some spells from Celtic Wicca.

Wicca Circle Casting Ritual
This spell is actually a ritual that is worked before a practitioner begins spell-working. To create this circle, you may just use your Athame or any of the following items which are powerful enough to grant you protection inside a circle created using them:
Amber beads
Henna powder
Jet beads
Red brick dust
Rice flour
Vervain , etc
Hazel branch
To cast the circle, stay in the center and with the tool that you chose from the above list, draw a circle of protection around you, walking in the clockwise direction. Now you are safe and will not be affected by any negative or evil energy. You may also create another protective circle inside the one you just created. The space between the two circles may be sprinkled with sea salt for more protection and power. Remember that the circle is not only in the room, it extends like a sphere up above you and also below you.
Now that you have cast the circle, you may sit in it and visulaize your goals. The deeper you go into meditation, the faster your intentions will create what you need.
Brightest Blessings.

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