A protection spell for a motorcycle….

I would like to perform a protection spell/ritual for my husband’s new motorcycle and would appreciate some guidance and advice. Thank you in advance!

Hello dear, You are wanting to cast a protection spell on your husband’s motorcycle? Are you afraid that something will harm the motorcycle itself… or are you (as I somewhat suspect) afraid for your husband’s safety when he is riding said motorcycle? I am going to assume it is the latter and work from there…. Well, motorcycles, no matter how much we may love them, are quite dangerous contraptions… so I cannot say as that I blame you for being a bit concerned for your husband’s well-being…. Here is a spell for safe travels that may be of aid to you: A Spell for Safe Travel There are times when we all feel nervous about a journey, no matter how experienced of a traveler we may be. This spell is best cast on a Wednesday before setting off on a new journey. This spell can be cast for yourself or for another. You Will Need: A stone from your garden or from an area where you feel at ease A yellow taper candle Lavender essential oil An essential oil burner Yellow acrylic paint Violet acrylic paint A paintbrush First, light the yellow candle and the oil burner. Facing east, paint the stone yellow. As the paint dries, visualize yourself or the person you are casting for arriving safely home after their journey. Now paint a violet triangle with three equal sides on the stone. This symbol represents air. That done, face east again and while holding the stone at eye level repeat the following eight times: “Oh guardian of the east, Fill this stone with your blessing and protection, I pray for a safe journey for (insert name here), Guard (insert name here) and guide (insert name here), On the path this journey takes, And see (insert name here) home safely.” At the end of the eighth repetition say, “And let it be done, that it harm no one.” Before performing your closing ritual in the usual way. Take the stone with you (or have the recipient of the spell take it with them) whenever they travel or embark on a journey. Some practitioners prefer to wear the stone in a consecrated pouch around their necks.

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