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Is there any spells out there for beginners that doesn’t require candles or any other kind of things besides paper, pen and saying a chant. Please help I’m not a very wealthy person so i don’t have money to buy all the materials needed for certain spells.

Merry Meet Seeker, It is wonderful to know that you would like to work on simple spells. Actually, you can do a spell without any items at all. All you need is your own mind and spirit. The items we use in spells are just props which enable you to focus on your intention. For example, incense can change the energy in the room. It is because it affects you, your mind, your spirit. Most of the botanicals have properties such as smell that can alter our energies in a positive way. You can also reach that high-energy state via meditation. Yes, simply sitting in a quiet room and meditating on your goal (visualizing it) is enough for most witches to succeed. The more your strengthen your mind, the fewer items you will need to help you. So here is a spell for you which uses just paper and a pen plus your own strong, focused mind. Any Goal Spell One of the most important aspects of spell making is the location. The spell will succeed all the time if you find a good, powerful location to work your spells. Most people create an altar in a private room in their home and decorate it with their favorte items. This is done so that we foget out daily worries and house work, etc and we can concentrate on the spell more effectively if we are in a special place. That is why we have an external sacred space. You can also go to a seashore (the Ocean is very powerful indeed) or near a river or stream. Any natural setting is indeed better than inside a building unless you know how to cleanse the area well. Have the pen and paper with you. Sit down and think of your goal. It can be anything. You are creating your own spell, right? If you want to gain weight, lose weight, do better at school, get a job, help someone, get more money, etc. Write one specific goal on the sheet of paper. Do not write too many goals at one time, otherwise your energies will be too scattered. So do a separate spell for each of your goals. Close your eyes and visualize how your future would be when you achieve the goal. Imagine it like a movie that is happening. You are the script-writer.You have to seriously think about your clothes, your environment, your emotions and your words. Think in details. You don’t need any props for this. All you need is your eager and unwavering spirit. When you have the perfect picture in your mind, use the pen to write it all down exactly as you saw it. Now roll up the paper into a tiny package and either send it off in running water or bury it in the earth where no one will find it. You may also burn it but you will need a candle or other prop for that. Burying it will be the easiest. This is done so that your intentions are sent to the Universe and the elements (Water, Air, Earth, Sky and Spirit will work on it on your behalf! Easy, huh? Now you see how you can not only create spells, but also work on it without spending a penny! Brightest Blessings. Rose.

Rose Ariadne: Providing “Magickal” answers to your Pagan, Wiccan, Witchcraft spell casting questions since 2006.

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    Can this be for anyone or people that are novice witches/wizards?

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