A spell for psychic protection

I have this job as a child development counselor and I love it but my staff is horrible and my supervisor is showing favorism towards them. there are a couple against me and it seems like my boss is too afraid of having them leave so she’s un fairly taking it out on me. I know I’m a good cdc but its totally wrong what’s happening to me. there are other great supervisors that I would prefer to work with, can you help me help myself be happy in this position and project me against these people, desiree, katrina, jordan and elizabeth?

Merry Meet Seeker, It is wonderful that you love your job as a child development counselor. It is unfortunate that you feel so much oppression at your place of work. unfortunately, most offices have cliques and power struggles that perplex and trouble the best of us. One thing we can do is to show our best work and allow our superiors to see how valuable we are for the company’s future. Here is a spell that will help you get over this difficult phase in your life.This spell is a variation of drawing down the Moon to get psychic powers that are beneficial and protective for all. Moon Water Spell For this spell, you will need a large glass bowl and a few bottles with tight fitting caps. On a full moon day, fill the glass bowl with spring water and place it outside to absorb the Moon Goddess’s rays. The next morning, bring the bowl inside the house and pour the water carefully into the bottles. Close them tightly and refrigerate for the future. Every morning, apply some of this water over the Third Eye area (between the eyebrows) . and in the back of your neck (to protect your back) as well. Repeat this for nine consecutive days and this will help protect you from any psychic attacks, hexes, etc. Remember, do not work any spells that may harm the others in your office circle. Repeat this ritual when you feel you need it. This spell not only increases your magick power, it also maintains and regenerates personal power. Brightest Blessings. Rose.

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