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Dear Rose. I’m a 15 years old girl, that does not really belong. In school, i’m just another new girl, but that does not mean that i want to be one. I have never had real friend, the ones I had, ended up betraying me.. I have been interested in magic my whole life. wondering if it was real, and what i could do to have it in my life. I am looking for a spell that can help me with popularity in school. I want to be remembered, and i want to be happy with friends. true friends. This is the last year i am in school. I live in Iceland. So I am sorry if i’m saying it wrong, or if my spelling is wrong. I have never been really smart in school. And now that this is my last year, i want to be able to have really good grades, so I can have a good future. I was wondering if you had a spell for smartness? I hope that this is not too much to ask, because i really have no one else to go to. Have a wonderful day. Braga.

Merry Meet Braga,
It is indeed wonderful to hear from you! For a 15 year old, you come across as very smart and gifted. Of course, teenage years are notorious for playing havoc on our senses and making us feel great one minute and down in the status. The key to making friends is to be a friend first. Instead of looking for popularity, look for those chidlren who need help. They may be called by names such as “nerds” “dweebs” etc. As you get to know them, you will find that they are bright, wonderful kids who for some reason the “popular” but not so smart kids will ignore. As you help others, yes even the ones that “look” silly or speak “funny” etc. The Universe is watching all of us.
Years from now you will realize that the time you spent helping others have paid off for you immensely. There is nothing compared to helping others whethe you are in school, college or at work. Only the smart children remember that it is important to have good karma even when they are young and lonely. As you grow up, you will participate in charities to help those who may have lost their home, house or health.
The spell for smartness is just wish for you to understand how life works. If you understand this simple concept of helping others even if they are not your friends, your life will take a wonderful turn and you will be transformed for ever. It is always the person that helps another without expectations of a return who will succedd in life. Hope you will be one of them, Braga!
Brightest Blessings Braga

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