A spell that makes someone get attracted to me?

i like one boy in my college…i dont know whether i’m in love with him…i coudn’t control my eyes from looking at him..i’m confused whether he likes me or not..can u tell me some easy love spells that makes him to get attracted towards me? thankyou, karishma

Merry Meet Karishma,
I am sure you are attracted to him. However, there are rules in Witchcraft that does not allow one to forcefully change their mind. If we force another person’s mind, we have done bad karma and may certainly get some kind of backlash.
To do it the right way, all you have to do is to try to meet him in other ways. Here are some examples:
1. Find a friend who is very outspoken and ask her to speak on your behalf.
2. Go for a party in which he is also invited. Or better, invite him along with one of his friends to your party.
3. If any of your friends are planning get-togethers, ask them (beg is a better word :)) to invite him to the party.
4. Email him and ask him about something else that he can help you with. If he is a math wiz, ask him to help you with math problems
5. Find a way to see him alone and talk to him about something he is interested in such as sports, quizzes, etc.
So long as you see him everyday and give your biggest smile when you see him, I am sure he will be intrigued by you. Remember to keep your respect and not get too pushy.
Brightest Blessings

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