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Dear Rose I am at my wits end with confusion, I have 3 men who say they love me and honestly I love all 3 they are wonderful, the problem is I must choose who is the right man for me, I want to have a happy life, for many years I have had nothing but bad luck, in love and work and health I am tired, I need to find out which man is best for me is there a way to know this, if i follow my heart then i will follow all 3 I have been praying for an answer and nothing yet, my second problem is when i find which man is right for me i need to find a way to get to him as they all live half way around th eworld from me I have no money I make very little and i attend college but i want to be with my chosen man i need a spell not necessarily for money but a way to get there..can you help me please rose i dont know who else to ask who else can help me.. thank you so much for being you

Merry Meet. You have a unique situation there. Not many people are fortunate enough to get so many suitors. Ah, this is not as complicated as you think. How do you feel when you are with each of these lovers? Do you know them well? There is nothing like a woman’s intuition to decide which one of them will make a better husband. Try this Spanish spell and decide for yourself. The Moorish Charm Spell You will need the following ingredients for the spell: Coriander seeds Caraway seeds Cumin Seeds Mastic Resin White lime powder or calcium tablets Verdigris (the green substance that forms on old brass and copper utensils) Myrrh resin Dragon’s blood Broom Straw (Remember, you may substitute any item with a “mock” one so long as you label and accept it magickally as the item itself. Gather all of the above and take them to a cemetery. Make a fire and toss the items in it one by one. Visualize your lover coming towards you and begin the chant: Oh magick Caraway, bring my true love to me! (Repeat with all the items.) Use the broom last and chant “Oh Magick broom, fly him my true lover to me!”. As you can see, the first person amongst the three lovers who comes to visit you is THE ONE FOR YOU. So you may not need the money (to visit him). Brightest Blessings. Rose.

Rose Ariadne: Providing “Magickal” answers to your Pagan, Wiccan, Witchcraft spell casting questions since 2006.

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  1. Rob says:

    Why would this need to be done in a cemetery?

    My advice: find suitors closer to you.

    And “any old mock-up” won’t cut it. What you use in the spell needs to have significance to you and the intent behind the spell.

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