A spell to make me a witch

I need a real spell to become a witch

Merry Meet Seeker, Witches are born, dear friend; they are not made. All of us have the ability to be witches. All humans are witches. Some just don’t know it. It is just a matter of knowing our powers and inborn abilities and using them. A practising witch continuously uses the powers that s/he is ingrained with. No one can take that power away. As a child, most of us remember believing in miracles. A new flower, a bug, rain, thunder and other natural occurances make us curious with awe. What a wondrous world we live it. Remember how we felt when we saw a rainbow over the horizon or a fish in a gurgling stream. We used to wait eagerly to make a wish and blow out candles in earnest. How many of us wish for something as earnestly as we did in our childhood? Very few of us. The reason is that as we grow up we are told by society (parents, relatives, teachers, religious people, etc) that we are powerless, that we have to give ourselves up! We have no right to think that we are powerful beings, that we can change our destiny or even direct it! See how the world changes our thoughts from inspiring, hopeful ones to absolutely hopeless ones? It’s therefore no surprise that we end up feeling hopeless, helpless and miserable wanting to be someone who can make a difference. You begin to practice witchcraft the minute you start believing in yourself again. Go ahead, make your altar, learn about meditation, practise the art of witchcraft for yourself. Here is a spell to get you started on that wondrous path that we were always destined to have: Dream Oracle Doll Divination Get a piece of mandrake root, ginseng root or ginger root that is in the shape of a human being. Embellish and dress the root so that it looks like a person. Wrap the doll in silk when not in use and keep it in a safe place. At bedtime, unwrap the doll and talk to it about your wishes, concerns and questions. Put in on your pillow and go to sleep. Your dreams will reveal the answers. Brightest Blessings. Rose.

Rose Ariadne: Providing “Magickal” answers to your Pagan, Wiccan, Witchcraft spell casting questions since 2006.

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  1. shana says:

    you wreck everybody’s dreams to become a witch i really wanted to become a good witch that can do stuff o want powers i believe i do but i don’t know i try so hard to but i could never i have liked this since i was just a very small girl when i was 5 now i am 12 and my hopes and dreams are up.:(

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