A spell to see someone special

Is white magic against the bible or God? Is there a spell I can do to run into someone I want to see??

Merry meet friend. White magick is pure and benevolent. It does not seek to hurt anyone and so it is not harmful to anyone. It is not against anyone or anything in particular. I can see that you wish to see someone special in your life. No, there is nothing wrong with such an idea. If your mind is strong enough, all you will need to do is to meditate on the thought of meeting this person, say at a movie theater or at a department store. If you visualize strongly enough, it will happen. This is what you need to do: Get a pink or red candle and essential oil of rose to put you in a romantic mood. Before you work on the spell, take a nice long warm bath with herbal soaps. When you feel relaxed, dry off with a clean, cotton towel and wear a cotton robe. Sit down in a room where you will not be disturbed for a while. Take the candle in your hand and slowly spread the oil on it (this is called dressing the candle). As you spread the oil, visualize deeply where you would like to meet this person. If it is in a store, think of the name of the store, the number of customers, the weather that day, and other minute details about the “meeting”. The more strongly you visualize, the faster it will happen. Now light the candle and visualize how this person will look when s/he meets you. you can also imagine what dress you will be wearing, what perfume you will be wearing, what handbag you will be carrying and so on. As you visualize, the Universe is listening and it will create your thoughts for you. When you have completed your visualization, snuff out the candle and go to sleep. Allow the energies to work on your wish and let it go from your mind (do not worry about it.) Brightest Blessings. Rose.

Rose Ariadne: Providing “Magickal” answers to your Pagan, Wiccan, Witchcraft spell casting questions since 2006.

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