A Talisman for Good Luck….

I was wondering how I can make myself a talisman, in my life every time something good happen a lot of bad things follow. Every time I get ahead on my financial situation something very bad will happen and I have to go into my savings and my bills have to be put on hold. Being new to wicca and still studying I don’t want to create a talisman that can hurt me or others around me. Can you please help I am at the point when something good happen (I got a promotion three weeks ago and I just got laid off last week.) I have six beautiful kids and a wonderful husband, but it seems every thing goes bad for us.

Hello dear, I am so very sorry to hear what a bad time of things you have been having. But I do happen to have a little something up my sleeves that may be exactly what you are looking for…. Prosperity Talisman This spell entreats the powers to infuse a talisman with the potential for a prosperous future. You will need: Two teaspoons of carrier oil Rose essential oil A small bottle Any crystal that has the reputation of bringing wealth (Ruby or Tiger’s Eye are best) A piece of jewelry that is precious to you (I use my wedding ring) One white altar candle One gold taper candle A bolline or burin First, pour the carrier oil into the bottle. Add three drops of rose essential oil. Hold the bottle between both hands and slowly roll it back and forth until the contents are well mixed. As you do this, visualize the contents being blessed by the powers of good fortune. Next, carve the number “9” into the golden candle and return it to its holder. Place the crystal in the center of the altar. Pour some of the oil over your hands and run them together until they start to feel warm. As you rub, visualize that you are charging your hands with the energy of the oil. Take the inscribed candle and anoint it with the oil, drawing in from center and back towards your body. Again, visualize that you are empowering the candle with the power to draw prosperity to you. Roll the candle between your hands for a minute, before returning it to its holder and lighting it. Take the piece of jewelry in both hands and focus your attention upon the candle flame, repeating the following: “As the flowers bloom in spring, Gods and elements to me wealth bring, By your powers, banish strife, And bring enrichment to my life, And let it be done, that it harm no one.” Continue to hold the piece of jewelry and allow the candle to fully burn down before extinguishing it and ending the ritual in your usual manner. From that time on be sure to wear the blessed piece of jewelry always and good fortune will smile upon you….

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