A weight loss spell

Do you cast spells for people? Well I need to find a weight loss spell. I have been big all my life and I have been made fun of by it. I’m only 17 and I would like to look like the skinny pretty girls you see. I have tried everything. I even tried going without eating for 3 months. Nothing. This is my very last hope. Please cast a spell for me. I would like to look like a princess for one time in my life to get this guy to notice me.

Greetings! It is good to hear from you. However, it is sad to learn that your others are making fun of you. No one should make fun of another. You have to believe that you are beautiful the way you are. Even if you had some weight on you, in many cultures, you are considered beautiful and gorgeous. If you want to be like someone else, that may be a problem. If we always long to be like others, when will we be happy in our skin? Look at all the successful marriages that you know. How many of the women look like skinny models? It is not how we look; it is how we behave with people that makes or breaks a relationship. So take a good look in the mirror and think of what a beautiful person you are. By eating fresh fruits and vegetables, you will not only look radiant, you may even outlive your skinny friends. So start eating right (no diets) today itself. Just because you asked, here is a weight loss spell for you: Get a human figure candle (or carve a large candle into a human shape) Get some commanding oil (calamus and licorice oil in a blend of castor oil or jojoba oil) On a full moon day, sit at the altar and visualize the body you want. Remember, you can look beautiful in your own body if you lose any excess weight you may have accumulated in life. Think of yourself as a beautiful, attractive person. Take a dull knife and make a line around the candle to roughly indicate some weight loss. Dress the candle with the commanding oil chanting thus: I am beautiful I am strong Let this spell Make me well Burn the candle fifteen minutes daily. At the end of 15 minutes, allow it to cool a little and use the dull knife again to chip off some more of the wax. Change your diet and add an exercise routine to hasten the loss of excess pounds and keep you energized and radiant throughout the day. Hope this helps solve your problem. Brightest Blessings!

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  1. nichole says:

    hi my name is nichole and i have been made fun for as long as i can rember i used to be so hyper and jumpy and now im always sad and at night i woukd cry for hours till i fall asleep and no one knows whats going on with me im so kind and sweet hearted and all i want is to enjoy my life people wish so many bad things is it so bad to wanna be skinny and have no strech marks i would pray to god everynight and as i write this i am crying i hope this is real and you aren’t laughing at me now but please all that i ask from you is to be skinny and have a nice body without strech mark thank you so much and i want this as sooon as possible thank u so much.oh and what are you planning to do are you gonna do some type of spell or something because i cant do it my self but i would love for you to do it and i hpe i can trust you because nothing can happen to me because god his watching me from up above and looking after me.

  2. klarissa says:

    i am fat and i want to be like all the skinny girls but im not please let me fit in thx

  3. adrianna says:

    help me please im fat and im only 12 and i want to be like all of the other girls in my school but cant i play sprots and eat healthy but nothin please also i wont this guy to notice me

  4. wynonna says:

    Please cast a spell for me i want to be pretty and skinny like the other girls i know, please i’m counting on this!!

  5. matthew says:

    I want to cast a spell for my wife. She has done everything to lose weight. She has changed her diet, kept a food diary and exercises all the time but hasn’t lost anything. I want to help and need something please help

  6. brenda p says:

    ive been married 4 almost 6yrs now and i dont dream or cry anymore and have gained alot of weight over the last year..i feel so ugly and out of place in this world please tell me what i can do…help me

  7. Madison says:

    Hi im 12/13 years old and i am fat!! I eat helthy and i hate junk food but i jut cant loose wight. My mom is getting worried also my brother is 10 and he is also fat!!!! Please helo us we dont want to be fat we want to get skinny please help us!!!!

  8. Zykkorrya says:

    hi im 17 going on 18 and i desperatly want to lose weight i weigh 180 pounds ive tried everything but i only seem to gain weight please can you cast a spell to help me im tired of being fat and always tired no matter how much i sleep.

  9. veronica says:

    help me i am 12 and i wanna be skinny as a model everyone laughs at me at school and not even fat guys like me

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