After 3 years together, I don’t love my partner. What should I do?

ive been involed in this relationship for 3 years and i still dont have any feelings for this person is it them or me should i cast a love spell. or should i give up and seek another.

If you have been involved in a relationship for 3 years and “still don’t” have any feelings for youir partner, it is defintiely time to move on

The phrasing of the question implies that you have never been emotionally involved with your partner and went into the relationship believing that it might develop over time.

Obviously this is not the relationship you are supposed to be in and casting a love spell would be the worst thing that you could do in this case.  You are not supposed to be in this relationship and need to leave it now.

I recommend that once you leave this relationship, you need to spend some time alone and get yourself right and ready to be loved and to love others. You need to make certain that you are prepared for love.

If you have entered this relationship and felt nothing at all for your partner, then it would appear that you are not ready for love, either to give or receive it.

Right now, the only love spell you need to be casting is aimed at yourself. You need long-term meditation and self-evaluation to determine why you would spend three years in a relationship that wasn’t absed on any form of affection or feeling. That indicates some serious self-esteem issues and you need to work those out before you go looking for the next partner in your life.

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