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do some visions have two parts to them? cuz one of the visions i had, had two parts to it.

Hello there dear, As far as I have ever been able to tell, there are very little in the way of hard and fast rules when it comes to something like visions. There is not really a guide book or manual of instructions that comes packaged along with them. So, the short answer would be, “Yes, it is quite possible that your vision would come in two or more parts.” It would not be the first time I had heard of something like this. People have told me about visions that were recurrent, happening over and over again, day after day. Others have spoken of serial visions, that played out much like watching episodes of a television program. So, no, having a two part vision would not be too terribly strange at all. Of course, as with most visions, the real trick comes in the interpretation of said vision. I have, in general, found that it is much more difficult to figure out what it is that our visions our trying to tell us… not to mention being open enough to the possibilities of what they are saying (even if it is something we might not want to hear) to really get the full benefit of the foresight the universe has been kind enough to bless us with. And well, sometimes foresight can be scary, and even sometimes painful. So it is no wonder that we often shy away from it. But my suggestion for you would be to worry less about the manner in which the vision comes to you and focus more on what it is saying to you.

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