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ok im just getting into witchcraft and i was wondering do i have to have a wooden pentacle box to hold my altar items or can i use a diffrent material?

Welcome to witchcraft!

The altar is your most sacred space. It must be a reflection of your dreams and ideas. So it’s important that you follow your heart and use the most comfortable and easily maintainable objects for your altar.

In earlier times, wood was commonly used to set up altars. This was mainly because it was the most natural and easily available material available to everyone. Also, wood was believed to be the best medium for an altar especially because it comes from the earth and can easily pass the energy from the earth to our sacred space. Stone was also considered to be “from the earth”. Metals are not considered a good base for an altar since they are not available easily in a natural form and are not believed to be conducive to natural magick. Also, do not use synthetic materials such as plastic or polyester.

You don’t need a pentacle box, but you could use any old wooden furniture such as a table of chest for your altar. Circular tables are popular too.  Or you can mark a circle for your rituals using candles or figurines. Additionally, you can use a wooden pentacle or a painting or drawing of a pentacle for rituals and meditation.

Wooden chests have the additional advantage that you can store all your tools inside when you are not using them.

Usually, pictures or candles to represent deities and four corners (North, South, East and West) are also recommended. The altar is usually set up facing North because it is the direction of the energy that you connect to, the Earth.

One of the most important things to remember is to cleanse the area around the altar, including the floor and the surrounding walls often and clean your objects and tools before and after the rituals.


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