Am I a natural witch?

Dear Rose, I have been studying witchcraft (mostly folk magic) for a while and have always wondered if I was a “natural witch”, if there really are natural witches. I’ve always felt close to storms. I believe I banished a woman who was harming me and my father by repeatedly asking a storm to make her leave and she left. was this possible or coincidence? if so does this have to do with an ability I have or was it a spell anyone can do?

Merry Meet Seeker
It is really wonderful to hear that you have felt close to nature and have even used your ability to achieve your goals. Many people are aware of their natural talents and use it for the benefit of the world around them.
One of the most important of nature’s laws is that you receive blessings when you do good action and you harvest sorrows if you hurt another using your magick. Banishing another person, regardless of how it happened is on the no-no list of magickal workings. To make amends, do a protection spell as well as a spell beneficial to this person you have forcefully moved away from you.
All of us are born natural witches. Unfortunately, religion has screwed up the world so much that by the time we are able to read and write, we believe that we have no power at all. We are asked to give up our choices to an unknown, unseen, entity called God.
As magickal beings, many of us are still aware that our mind and spirit can create wonders and that we are powerful beings who can create the future without anyone’s help.
Anyone who hones their magickal powers can work spells and create events but those of us who are bent of working spells that may harm others (such as banishment, binding, black magic, etc) will hear back from the Universe very soon. And it will not be pretty.
So enjoy your natural powers and use them for the common good.
Hope this helps answer your question.
Brightest Blessings.

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