Am I A Real Witch?

am i a real witch?

Hello there my dear, Asking how you know if you are a witch is very similar to asking how you know if you are a Catholic… or a Muslim… or a member of any other faith or religion for that matter. Which is to say, there is no “witch litmus test” as such, just as there is no “Christianity litmus test”…. Being a witch is a matter of faith and belief, just like with any other system of beliefs. Being a witch is about a lot more than simply casting spells. It is much like any other system of beliefs in that the trappings and rituals are only small portions of the overall whole. And thus, much like taking the Eucharist does not make you a Catholic, intoning a spell does not make you a witch…. Becoming a practitioner of the wise craft requires a very real level of commitment and dedication. It is neither a quick, nor easy road to undertake and I would never suggest it to anyone who is going to take it lightly. So, if you think you might be interested in one of the many belief systems associated with being a witch (I personally am a wiccan) then I would suggest you take the time to do a bit of research and learn a bit about the dogma of the beliefs…. Perhaps look for a bookstore in your local town that caters to such things and go and speak to the people there about their experiences and how they went about finding their faith….

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  1. mike says:

    i want to know if i’m a witch. everything about the religion is amazing. but..i have dreams that come true. i think of things that happen. i have allot of deja vu, and i seem to connect with my tarot cards. i use to read on witchcraft and try simple spells, but whenever results came, i feel i did it. it wasn’t always bad results.
    i just want to know if i’m a real witch or if its in my head.

  2. nehuy spamit s icq…

    Very usefull. Thanks! nehuy spamit s icq…

  3. jezika marie says:

    how can you tell if you are a real witch??

  4. jezika marie says:

    can you be born a natural witch??

  5. jezika marie says:

    can I be born a natual witch??

  6. Mongruella says:

    I keep getting identified. Do I think I’m a witch, no. Do I wear dark clothing and eye liner, no. But, since I was 19, at least every few months, someone comes up and asks me if I’m a witch. Is this normal? I’m blonde and blue eyed. I drive a PT cruiser. There is nothing dark or special about me, but for some reason, people are drawn to me, and other witches, who wear the mark of their religion, are drawn to me and ask me if I’m a witch. The first time, I laughed. Now, it’s getting ridiculous . It happened in front of my father today, and he told me his mother, my grandmother, was a witch. It didn’t suprise him at all. Is there some way I can tell? Maybe some way I can mask it? I don’t know anything about it, but if you’re a real witch, maybe you can help me. It has happened so many times. Even my fiance is weirded out, because it happened at a restaraunt the other night in front of him. Seriously, is there a way to tell, or is this just a really huge coincidence? It has to have happened at least 20 times by now!

  7. Tee says:

    Dear mongruella , the real way of knowing where u really are a witch is to think about things that happens frequently . Do u hv dreams that come true? Can u predict what happens in the future ? Or can u do other things that normal ppl can do … If ur grandmother was a witch , do u hv other relatives that are witches ? Normally witches by blood have a long history of powers through the generations ?

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