Am I a witch?

Am I a witch? I never new my moms mom and none of my reletives seem like witches. How can I tell if I’m one?? Thanks for the help! Grace Ireland

Merry Meet Grace,
Every human in this world is a witch. Whether they know it or not, each human being is magickal. Every baby born every day is a witch. However, being a witch and knowing it is very different. This is because of the way religions are in this world. There are many powerful people who wish to keep the power in their hands rather than empower all humans in the world. Religions fight for their supremacy so that they can add more and more to their numbers. Religion has become the main reason for wars in the world.
All humans have a physical part which most of us can see and a spiritual part that most of us cannot see. Just because our spiritual part is invisible, it doesn’t mean that it is absent. Like the air around us, we can feel our spirituality but cannot see it.
Most of us do not need to be told that we are witches. We know that already if we are successful in our lives. If we have a bad time or lose our faith in the Universe and its magickal workings, then it is hard to see our powers at all. It takes a lot of study, practice and trust to really understand we are witches and we have powers that only need to be honed.
I hope you understand that nothing stands in the way of your growth into a full fledged, powerful and caring witch who can assist others who do not understand the Universe and Her loving ways. Try not to listen to the naysayers and power hungry religious leaders. Listen to your heart. It is time for everyone to know that they are powerful witches and that this power is ready for them to enjoy at all times.
Brightest Blessings Grace

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