Am I imagining things?

Hi Rose, Is it possible for witches to have a bond with animals and/or the wind?? I have never met a dog, horse, bird, cat etc. that doesn’t like me! I was wondering if this means I am a witch? Also when I am around animals I feel so calm and the wind is always just so gentle, however when I am angry or annoyed the wind picks up. Am I imagining things?? From Holly

Merry Meet Holly,
It is so refreshing to hear from you. Your enthusiasm and keen awareness are your best attributes. Of course you seem to have a powerful connection to animals. All we see around us is the manifestation of energy in different forms. All of us are created from the same energy and we return to the same energy. This energy is easily transmitted when our minds and spirits are receptive to it.
Many people have a problem understanding and accepting the messages that other entities in the Universe send us. If we stand near a tree for a while, we can slowly feel the calmness and gentle caress of the towering giant. Of course, it is alive, thriving and communicating with you. Similarly, if your mind is receptive, your can enjoy the communication from everything that is around you from the giant Redwoods to the bugs under your shoes who are trying to tell you that you need to move so that they can breathe! :)
It is wonderful when we can easily see and feel the connection between spirits, our own as well as the spirits of all around us. Most people ignore what is around them, but the more “aware” you are of the Universe, the more such experiences you will notice and enjoy. Sometimes when you get close to a bush or a tree, you can see the leaved waving “hello” to us. If we water plants, they perk up and start waving in the wind as though they are saying “Thank You”!
By honing your Universe given gift of communication and one-ness with the Universe, you can easily increase your powers. Holly, all of us are born witches but those who listen to the religious nuts slowly start to believe that we are powerless humans who have no clue about life. It is our duty to not only become proficient in witchcraft, but also to impart our knowledge to others who are eager to know what life is all about.
Brightest Blessings.

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