Am I possessed by a spirit?

Hi Rose (: I need to know if I am cursed or something Lately I have been collapsing for no reason, sumtimes i get dizzy but sometimes I fee like I’m not me , Like I’m someone else ?? I am a very spiritual person and believe anything is possible . I have had a spirit with me since i was a child . My Father passed away 2 yrs ago & since then I have felt much stronger but is it possible for a spirit or angel to go inside me? like possession ?? Please help me

Merry Meet Seeker, Before you try any remedies for psychic attacks, get a doctor’s opinion about your physical symptoms such as dizziness and fatigue. It could be a simple reason such as lack of Vitamin D or B-complex vitamins. Sorrow can lead to depression and other problems. So it is very important that you do a complete physical to rule out other serious reasons. If you and your doctor are convinced that you have nothing troubling physically, then you can look into ways by which you can enhance your psychic aura. If the aura has been tampered with or altered, here is a solution. By carrying a mojo bag which is powered by the elements, you can persuade any spirits that may be around you to leave you alone. Power Bag Spell Gather the following items: a pinch of sand from a beach a pinch of dirt from a cemetery a pinch of dirt from crossroads one pebble from crossroads a pinch of dirt from a mountain side a pinch of cat’s claw herb (uno de gato) 1 tiny seashell nail or pebble from railroad tracks (be careful) 2 small pouches, one larger than the other Get two small bags ready. Take the first item, hold it in your hands fand visualize yourself as the powerful entity that you are. Now put the item gently into the smaller mojo bag. Repeat with all the items. When you have completed putting in all the items, close the bag and put the entire bag into the second bag. Carry this bag with you at all times and leave it near your pillow at night. Now you have a very potent ally in your goal to be strong and to avoid psychic attacks. Brightest Blessings. Rose.

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