Am I really a witch?

dear, rose im trying to find out if im a witch cause im confused im always mean to people and i belive spells and witch craft and all that stuff i just really want to find out if im just normal or if i have secrat powers and i dont know if im just normal cause my great grandmother is sycic and so is my aunt jojo i just really want to know if i have powers like a cycic or a witch please write back from madison:}

Merry Meet Madison, It is truly wonderful to hear from you. You seem to be part of a long lineage of witches just as I am. Yes, we are all witches. Some of us are more fortunate because we have family who can guide us along our path to teach us the do’s and don’ts. Do not worry about whether you are a witch or not, just start practicing witchcraft and you will know that you can use your energies to the full extent possible. Read more about witchcraft: from the internet, from books or by joining covens in your neighborhood. Learn the art of Meditation and create an altar where you can meditate in peace. Anyone can start working on honing their skills at any time in life. The more serious you are about witchcraft, the more you will accomplish. By constantly planning your life, you will be able to direct it in a way that will help you reach all your goals in life. Do not listen to people who tell you that you are powerless. You are a being who can create your future and help others in your circle create their dreams. Remember that our powers should be used only for positive reasons. You can learn a lot from your relatives if they are willing to share their experiences. So just go ahead and start your own magickal journey through life. Brightest Blessings. Rose.

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  1. Singh says:

    Love & Light,Rose,
    I’ve had so many (psychic) experienses in my life.The earliest : I was about three years old when I had a dream.In the dream I was somewhere where there were these huge beasts roaming about (up to that time I’d not been further than to the shops with my Mum).There was a very large building in the background.
    The beasts were so huge ( I was not even as big as one of their legs).
    Well a year or two later,my aunt and uncle took me to London’s Regents Park Zoo.And there they were,I came face to face with the beasts I’d seen in my dream (elephants).Not only that,the scene was exactly as I’d dreamed it,down to the last detail (even the buildings in the bckground,which were the elephant houses).
    Another time (I was about 7/8 years old) I drew a picture of a car (from my imagination,not anything I’d seen previously).A few years later,I saw the car I’d drawn,parked at the side of the road.Deja vu (again?)
    Many years later,I started work on a local farm.I went to see the farmer about the job in the evening.It was mid summer.Bare in mind that this was the countryside,so there was only natual to light see by.Because,by the time I’d left to go home,it was pitch dark outside and I had a 3 to 4 mile walk along unfamiliar country lanes.
    When I said dark,I really meant it.There were no stars in the sky,not even the moon.I could not see my hands,an inch from my face.So I,literally felt my way along the hedgerow.
    After about an hour of fumbling in the dark, (in my mind) I saw a light (like a flood light) come on,and a big black and white sheep dog barking (this was a vision,so there was no sound,and it was still otherwise pitch dark).I was thinking ‘What’s this?Am I going crazy?’.Next moment,I walked around the corner,and the exact scene I’d just observered in my vision occurred.

    I wont bore you with further expiriences of mine,I’ve had a few,but what I’d like to know is,am I really psychic?Am I a witch?And how can I tap the latent powers within me?

    Blessed Be,Love & Light,


  2. Madison says:

    Merry Meet Rose , My Name is Maddy . I was wondering if you could help me . I started to get intrested in the art of witch craft at a very young age . I first relized my strong intrest in the subject at the age of seven but didnt get a chance to start studying it until i was thirteen . Thirteen is when i met my bestfreind Megan , It turns out she was also into the Craft and i met . Unfourtunatley I am know 16 and have not got any response in the magic . I have tried many spells and chants Megan and i even tried to cast a cirlce . I belive in the godess Nyx strongly but I thought you could help me figure out the problem why i cant get any spells or chants to work . I mean ive tried everything im very connected to the elements . Mostly water . Do you have any advice . The only thing i can do effectivly is read palms but anybody could do that with practice . I am also very intuitive and have physic visions here and know my freinds think its cool and creepy . I just say there guesses . It happened yesterday actually me and my freinds had just gottin back and were eating and these guys were walking up and i could of sworn id seen it before so i told my freinds look hes gonna hit his head on that pillar and all of the sudden he did and they looked at me like i was crazy i told them that it happened last semester too and we were sitting exaclty how we where and wearing the same thing i was wearing my necklace i got from megan for my 13 birthday and i said it felt like deja vu they said that it didnt happen because it couldnt have because monte had just got the shirt he was wearing yesterday .It happens alot with My twin sister and I . So do you think you can help me with understanding why my abbilitys are so low when it comes too the craft.

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