Am I special?

could i be special? I was born a twin on 12/21/1971 my mother nor the doctor knew she was having twins. Alson with that it made me the seven child of the seventh child of the first born. I had a friend a ghost friend as a child til i was 21 and i seem to know when some one is going to pass before they do, and even seem to feel when someting is wrong with others, people seem to seek me out for advise that am not sure I should always give.

Merry Meet Seeker, Of course you are special. From what I hear about you, your psychic skills are superb and you have the right attitude. People come to you because they see something special about you. From your email, I can sense that you are a caring, considerate, loving person. It is no wonder that people seek you out and ask you for help and advice. What you need to do is to hone your skills so that you can be of benefit to others. You may be able to solve their problems, heal their sicknesses and help them with money and job problems. Some psychics help with murder mysteries and unsolved crimes. There are so many ways in which we can help others. A life of giving is the kind of life a human being can have. To be able to help another human being is no small gift. As you help more people, your powers get multiplied, for giving returns more powers to ourselves. Try to remember your ghost friend who was your constant companion until you were twenty one years old. S/he may be your guide from another realm. Try to call him/her back into your life so that you get additional help when you need it. Thanks for writing to me. It is always wonderful to hear from my students. The fact that my classes helped and I was able to help more people succeed in their lives is very gratifying for me. Brightest Blessings.

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  1. SiLvEr-StArS says:

    Hey Seeker, WOW you are very lucky to havesuch a beautiful gift. I also feel like im psychic, I feel emotions, know when something is going to happen, Or think about some1 and then I see that person hours later Or heard something about that person Ect. I really need to know if I am truly psychic? Also what is my spiritual guides name. I feel it could be a female, but I may be wrong. I really wish I can talk to someone about this that can help me. Be a HUGH Help!!! Take Care…..

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