Am I too young to decide to be Wiccan?

rose, my name i morgan, im 14 years old. i need your honest opinion about wheather or not im too young to think about being a wiccan. and how can you tell if you are ready or fit to be one? even if not now but later?

Hi Morgan–

You  are never too young to think about being Wiccan, but you are too young to make a decision unless your parents support your choice.

The thing is, it is important to be respectful of our parents’ while we rely on them for shelter, food and support. It is the way nature intended it and it is a good Wiccan principle.

You have already shown great promise in your decision making process. You asked the question. Too many people, young and old, assume that they know what’s best and never ask any questions. They think magick is cool or interesting and that makes the decision.

What you should do is study Wicca. Read books about it and decide if this sounds like the belief system you hold. Evaluate for yourself what you believe about God and nature and the world and then compare it to what Wicca’s believe. If they are the same or close, then you have a good match.

Most covens will not start trainign you until you are 18 because so many teenagers express a fleetign interest and then wander off to their newest infatuation. But if you are able to study the religion and compare it to what you beleive, you may be able to find a cover in your area that will let you observe rites, with your parents’ permission of course.

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