Ancient Basil Bath Spell

HI: My Husband and I have been struggling with money issues, and we just cant seem too get on our feet. Bankruptcy, forclosed on, you name it we have it. Losing pets. etc. I have ordered your kit, but have not received it yet, we need help. I finally quit my paper rout,and started collecting my social security. Ever since we moved too NV, it has been hell. Thanks Virginia Cody Love and Light

Merry Meet Virginia,
It is indeed very distressing to hear about people suffering from money issues after working so hard all life. Times are hard, but there are always ways to bring in more cash if you desperately need it. Here is an ancient and wonderful way of raising cash whenever you need it.
Ancient Basil Bath Spell
This spell is worked by people who do not have much money or resources. So this spell requires just one item – a large bunch of basil leaves.
Step 1: Wash the basil leaves carefully to removes any sand or other impurities stuck to it.
Step 2: Set aside some of the leaves that remind you of large paper bills or dollars
Step 3: Chop the rest of the leaves roughly and place them in a large bowl.
Step 4: Add boiling water to the bowl and allow it to steep.
Step 5: When the basil water has cooled a bit, add it to the bath .
Step 6: Also add the large leaves that were set aside earlier.
Step 7: Soak your entire body while you visualize swimming in money bills
Step 8: See yourself counting money or giving it away to charity.
Step 9: After the bath, let the water drain and let your body air-dry.
Step 10: Collect all of the basil-money and store it in a bag. When you have enough money, you can bury it your yard. Do not dispose of it in the waste because it needs to stick around your property for best results.
Brightest Blessings.

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