Angel Protection Spell for Pregnancy

Dear Rose, I would like to thank you a Million times for the magic spell that brought Mark Kelly back to my life. We are sooo happy together. My life long wish is to have a baby and I am 44 years old. My period is now 7 days late. I have done a pregnancy test which was only 7 days after possible conception day and it was negative. Test instructions state to repeat the test after a week which I have not done yet. I so much yo bevome mum and I really wish for Mark Kelly’s baby. I am still waitimg for my period, but dvatef yo fo amother test in case its negative again. Would you be able to help , plrase? Yours faithfully, Melina

Merry Meet Melina,
It is wonderful to hear from you again. i am happy that your wish to bring Mark Kelley back into your life succeeded and that you are not looking forward to having a baby with him. Remember, never worry about anything. Worry only causes more problems because when we worry, we are actually visualizing negative results! Always have a face of your baby with you always. With that face, you can visualize the rest of the baby while you dream of how you will take care of the baby, feed the baby and push the baby on a stroller, etc. Only positive images. So here is a wonderful spell for you.
Spiritual Protection Angels Spell
Guess you are the angels who protect expectant women and newborn children? They are Ariel, Raphael, Gabriel, Michael and Nuriel. Their acronym is “ARGAMAN” which enables us to protect our baby with the help of these benevolent angels.
For this spell, you will need good quality paper and ink.
Step 1: On the paper, with good quality ink, write the acronymn “ARGAMAN”. Make two copies of this.
Step 2: Visualize your beautiful baby.Concentrate on how you hold the baby, sing to the baby, feed the baby, etc.
Step 3: Post the first copy on the wall near your bed so that the angels radiate protection when you sleep too.
Step 4: Carry the second copy of this powerful acronynm in a locket or mojo bag when you travel.
Brightest Blessings

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