Angels, Spirits, Guides

Angels, Spirits, Guides

How many of us have thought about where humans and other living beings came from, where we go after death and who controls the world as we see it? Sometimes the wise ones ask us questions such as:

1. How do some people “inherently” know music while others are so ignorant about it?
2. How can a human being connect with the history of our ancestors and other leaders?
3. How do some people become very wise while others have no clue about life?
4. Where do we get our talents from?
5. What does it mean when people talk in “tongues”
6. Where does our soul go when we die?
7. What determines where we go when we die?
8. Is there a way to make our lives better so that our future is brighter here on Earth as well as in some other place where we end up?
So many questions indeed!

There are many people who are not even aware of their own spirit. These people may not have the knowledge that wise people have. Wisdom has very little do to with age. However, many people who are curious enough to read, learn and discuss about the past and the future may understand what is all around us.

Many people believe in our own spirit. They may also believe in what people call as angels and guides. Many of us have heard of reincarnation. Reincarnation can happen for many reasons. First of all, it may happen because we are not ready to get to heaven. Sometimes, people may reincarnate to help others; examples of such people would be Buddha, Christ, Mother Teresa, Rev. Martin Luther King, Gandhi, etc who were powerful people and who changed the lives of millions just by their presence and words.
As many of us are aware, when we die, our spirit does not. It is believed that the spirit will soar above us and we will be able to see ourselves. Some people also believe that every night our soul goes to the spirit realm when we sleep in REM.

There are many people in this world who has come as guides, angels and spirits. Some of them make themselves visible while others prefer to work behind the scenes. Others believe that we are all children of God and that God is constantly watching us with his or her team of angels and guides. At this very moment, there may be many spirits/guides/angels hovering over us and taking care of us. One of the ways by which we can see is to check for orbs. Of course, many people ridicule these ideas because they are really ignorant and wish to stay in that level.

Just before dusk, or even when its dark, take a good quality camera and take pictures of your backyard. You may find many orbs in your pictures. Some people believe that these are the angels, soul-mates or spirits who were once part of our family (in previous incarnations) and now taking care of you in this incarnation.

There is another source of information which believes that each of us have our own soul guides and at night, during REM sleep, we let go of our earthy connections and visit one of the seven heavens.

People who have had near death experiences are the best source for such information. They say that when we die (accidentally or not) the first thing we feel is a rush of air as we leave our body and go to another realm. We may be able to fly back and forth if we wish and see our body at the death site while we are able to hover around it. Then we go through a tunnel towards a white light and when we reach the light, we get to see our ancestors and friends and relatives from our earlier lives.

It is good to always have a healthy curiosity about what happens after our death. There is only one God. Religions are all man-made.

Here are some books which may help you in understanding the possibilities of life after death.




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