Appearing Flame?

How do you get a flame to appear on the candle wick when you have been practicing for a while? and all you get is asteral flame and not the real thing. What must you do to get it to stay and not go out once it is lit.

Well, generally the way I get a flame to appear on a candle wick is to use either matches or a lighter. I have found that is generally the preferred method for most people in fact. Nice and safe… tried and true. As to getting it to stay lit, well, I would suggest simply keeping it in a relatively stable environment that has enough oxygen to feed the flame, but not so much of a breeze to blow it out once it has been lit. But I am kind of guessing this is not exactly what you were looking for though – especially with your talk about astral flames (which I am not familiar with)…. It sounds like what you are talking about is more along the lines of making a flame appear on the candle wick out of nowhere though. Well, unfortunately, that falls more into the realm of stage magic and prestidigitation than into the venue of the magic and rituals practiced by Wiccans or witches – as well, the former seem to be much more about the flashy kind of applications (which is usually the result of slide of hand as opposed to the result of any real focusing of energies) and the later tend to practice much more discrete uses of magic than what you seem to be asking about or describing. Hope that helps.

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