Are all demons bad?

I am a young wiccan in training. i consider you my mentor and teacher, and all i want to know is if you think all demons are bad… my father he was a demon while my mother is a human. the kinda of demon im talking about though isnt a spirit that tortures and/or hurts innocent people. the demons im talking about are powerful creatures that human seem to fear… like in japanesse folklore. i really do wish you think differently than most of my friends…

Merry Meet Seeker, It is wonderful to hear that you are a young wiccan in training. Good for you. Your can live your life with purpose and create the beautiful life you deserve. I am happy to hear that you consider me as your mentor and teacher. As you already sound very mature and wise, I am proud to be your teacher until you become a wise witch. The world is getting smaller because of the internet and its lightning fast mode of communication. Most people who read or have friends across the world, knows that Asian Demons (Oni) are more like trolls or ogres, large and clumsy entities who are considered troublesome but not evil. They were also believed to be ghosts who are here in this realm to experience the results of their previous lives. I am not sure how you found out that your father was a “demon”. Anyway, do not worry too much about it. It is the difference in cultures and wisdom that probably makes your friends think that all demons are bad. Try to entertain them with stories about funny and tricky demons and get them to understand the background of the demon existence. As your friends understand what a “demon” stands for in Asia, they will stop treating you badly. Just trust that your friends will understand what you tell them. If they don’t understand immediately, be patient. They may need some time to fathom the depth of these lessons. Brightest Blessings. Rose.

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