Are English spells effective everywhere?

Hi Rose, I live in India and here the language is not english. I am going through your & day magic course, but just wanted to know if english language spells will work here. Also I want to marry a girl who is angry on me. Could you help me getting her back? would you help me? If yes, what will be your fees?

Merry Meet Seeker,
It is good to hear from a person who lives in India. Magick will work in all countries, all continents. It is not our language that works, it is our heartfelt desires that come across through the Universe that makes every wish come true.
As you can see, human beings look similar everywhere. When we travel from country to country and stay for a while, we learn the languate, customs, cooking, music, etc. Human beings are all the same. In fact, all living things are the same. The tiny ant is as busy and worried about the future as an adult human being who worries about their children.
Other than acccents, customs and looks, people all over the world have similar hopes, goals and dreams. So the magic spells that you get can easily work if you put the intention behind it. For this, you will have to understand the meaning of the words. For example, there may be words such “cauldron”, “candle”, “intention”, “meditation”, “Goddess”, etc that you will have to understand if you wish to work on the spell.
Understanding English is the first step to succeed in following the spells. In India, if you see an astrologer or priest, they may do the same. Words such as Ohm, Kreem, etc are magical words that are used by Indian priests as they work on their puja or rituals. All over the world there are such words in each language (and some which are not in any known language) but are sacred and brings good tidings for those who practice it. Chanting is a Universal phenomenon that is very effective in achieving what we need.
To get another person back into your life, you cannot use witchcraft or magick. One of the most important rules of Wicca or witchcraft is that we absolutely should not “control” anyone else through witchcraft. So try to speak with the girl and show her how calm and wonderful you can be even if she rejects you. Patience will be rewarded in these cases. So take your time and be calm and she may fall in love with you.
Brightest Blessings

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