Are there free wealth and beauty spells that I can do to keep my girlfriend?

HI,Rosa I hope you’re fine! Your site is great,i wonder how many problems have been solved by your suggestions. But lets get to the point…Actually I’m from Greece and I’m 16 years old,SO i might make some mistakes,forgive me.I’m very attracted by the supernatural and the magic and all this stuff but I’m not very involved with them because I’m afraid. I don’t want to get harmed by mistakes so I need your advice.Now, the big problem and the big questionmark.I joined in a chat and I met a girl Day after day we came by the mobile messages very closed,but i pretended to be someone that I’m not.A blonde boy with green eyes and a lot of money.She wont get hurt by the truth but I don’t want it to be revealed.I need a strong FREE spell for Beauty,but not harmful.I want to look like the boy in the photo,I know it’s very difficult but I have to try because she is the girl of my dreams.I want the beauty to come naturally,I don’t wanna dye my hair,because my parent’s wont let me.This girl is on the other side of Greece so i need a FREE spell for money,too.I want free spells because i cant pay with cards and all these things.I can’t have books for Wicca,the only thing that i need is your help.I would also like to know about my age.Can i do all the spells alone at this age.I can’t wait until 18.IT’s two years and we are going to lose the contact. So,Ineed my answers immediately.Will i get harmed if i stay away from the religion?If i see good results i stay otherwise i’m afraid not.I am overprotected. Rosa,I’m in a very very big despair,only you can help me,so please answer me as soon as you can.your suggestion is my life!! Yours sincerely, Vagelis

Thank you for your kind words about my site; I work hard to help people, and also to be honest with my answers.  Sometimes, honesty can sound harsh, and really isn’t what people wish to hear.  Vagelis, you seem like a nice young man.  Let’s think your situation through, shall we?

You met a girl on the internet, and you two really hit it off.  However, you pretended to be someone you’re not, and deepened this deception each progressive day that you talked with her.  Now, you’ve realized that you really like her, and want to meet her, but one small problem remains:  you’re not who you claimed to be. 

And from what I gather, you want some quick FREE spells to fix all of this.  Immediate spells to completely change your personal appearance and to give you lots of money.  If you get these spells, and this religion “works”, you’ll stay, otherwise you’re “afraid not.”  I’m hoping that, by reading this laid out plainly, you can now see why this entire scenario is wrong on so many levels.

Wicca is a religion, a discipline, a way of living, viewing and interacting with the world.  It is not a mathematical formula, nor is it like a mythical genie with wishes immediately granted.  Yes, there are both Wealth and Beauty spells, “An if it Harm None, Do What Ye Will.”  However, you are trying to cover up a previous deception, and I doubt sincerely that any spell I could give you would work for you.  You would be far better served by admitting to this young lady that you initially lied to her to impress her, and kept on the deception for fear of losing her.  If you do not do this soon, you will lose her respect.  And honestly, wouldn’t it be nice to just be able to be YOURSELF when you talk with her for a change? 

If she leaves you because of this yes, it will hurt.  But you will have learned an excellent lesson:  by respecting and being honest with ourselves about ourselves, we also are respecting others.

Rose Ariadne: Providing “Magickal” answers to your Pagan, Wiccan, Witchcraft spell casting questions since 2006.

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  1. Christina says:

    Hi Rose. I love your website. I am starting to get really into this stuff :] But, however I have a problem. I need your help. Long ago, I used to be a good size for my age. But now I am getting skinnier and skinnier and I dnt know why. I used to have an amazing guy and other guys used to want me. Like a lot. I am 15 years-old and I dont have any money. Ive been looking for different websites that would help me But all of them seem to be asking for money. I stumbled across your website and you’re the most legit one ive seen. I was wondering if you can help me cast a spell that will bring back my attractiveness and sex appeal. And also for me to gain curves. I dnt want to be big or huge, I just want to look fuller and not look like I starve my self. Curently I am 100 pounds. I want to have a behind and other stuff and my attractiveness back. PLEASE HELP!!! im desperate.

  2. Samantha Kaye McCoy says:

    I need an extremely powerfull appearance changing spell. Forgive me if these do not exist but I’m not talking temporary glamor or anything. Perment outward apperance change is what I seek. I have in mind the way I wish to look, could you help me with this?? Think of it as…witness protection in a way. Not looking like me would be phenomenal to my current predicament. Please write me back, even if you can not help me, so I can look else where

  3. Santina Clelia says:

    Hello Rose.

    I’m new to your website, but you seem legit. I’m 16, nearly 17, and an Italian white-witch living in England.

    My problem is that a few days ago, I did something stupid with a boy a brilliant friend of mine used to go out with, and is still in love with. For the past three months, she’s been coming to me for help with talking about her emotions. She knows nothing about wicca, and at the moment, refuses to talk to me. She has forgiven the boy, but this is because I have asked her to, and taken the full blame. I know it wasn’t his fault entirely, and it was my choice to tell her. Why should he suffer, right?
    She might never have found out about the incident, but I couldn’t have lived with myself that she was coming to me for help, and me and him were keeping a dirty secret.
    The thing is, I actually love this boy. Not in a passionate way, but as a friend, and the attraction to him is very strong, and this is another thing she doesn’t know. I tried to explain it, but she doesn’t get it, so I went with the ‘it didn’t mean anything, and wasn’t worth putting our friendship at stake’ truth. To be honest, I wish I’d have realised this months ago, when we were harmlessly flirting.

    Anyway, I’m emailing you to ask your help for a healing spell. I can’t do one to take her pain, because I’m very sensitive to people anyway, and I am feeling her pain because we’re close. Also, I don’t feel I am strong enough to do this. I will perform a healing spell, and perhaps a forgiveness spell tonight. But I am not sure if these will work, because I am finding it difficult to word it.

    Would you be able to help me in some way, perhaps a few tips on what I should include, or maybe you have a spell that I only eed to change slightly?

    Thank you for taking the time to read this, Rose.

  4. Clara Aparo says:

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