Are there spells to help with health?

My boyfriend is experiancing a lot of physical pain; especially in his lower back. Recently he has been getting sick a lot. Are there any spells I could cast for him to help with his health and overall well being?

My first piece of advice would be to encourage your boyfriend to go and seek the advice of a good physician – possibly a good chiropractor in your area. Apart from that, feel free to try the following…. A Spell to Restore Good Health Find a suitable Sunday when the moon is nearing full and cast this spell to help restore someone to health and wellness. Green and yellow altar decorations are most appropriate for this ritual. What you will need: Something cast from gold A white altar candle A green taper candle A dish of daffodils or yellow roses A crystal of clear quartz First light the white candle and focus on it for a few moments, envisioning the person upon who you would like to direct the spell upon. Picture them in a state of perfect health. (Note: There is no reason that the person pictured cannot be you). Then, with a mental picture of how the ill or infirmed person is now, light the green candle. As the flame grows brighter, envision their health improving. When the flame is burning at its brightest, say aloud: “Body be healthy. Body be strong. Sing out voice in happy song. Perfect health to (insert name here) restore, And may it stay so evermore. And let it be done, that it harm no one.” Allow the candles to burn out before bringing the ceremony to an end.

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